Hi, my name is Amanda!

This all started when I learned about human trafficking and wanted to make an impact.  I sent my first set of handmade gifts (woven belts) to survivors of trafficking in 2012 and since then many makers have come together to give over 2500 gifts to survivors.  It's amazing to see people all over the world coming together to help others in need.

As of Spring 2018, we launched Legacy Blankets!  These blankets consist of granny squares made by multiple people and given to kids affected by trafficking, homelessness, addiction, illness, etc.

Along the way, I've met an amazing community of makers and new friends who inspire me to continue to learn new skills and pass those skills along to others.

So, as we grow, not only do I want to continue building a community who creates and gives back together, but I also want to learn new things that I can share with you!

Enjoy our free patterns, collaborations, ideas, etc. on the BLOG.