Thank you for your interest in creating Legacy Blankets with us!

What is a Legacy Blanket?  It is blanket consisting of squares made by multiple people.  They are given to kids impacted by trafficking, homelessness, in foster care, fighting addiction, teenage pregnancy, cancer or any other need placed on our hearts.

Why are we focused on so many areas?   Over the last 5 years as Mandi’s Makings has raised awareness for trafficking, and we have learned many of these areas are intertwined in kids being trafficked or at risk.  We believe reaching the kids right where they are, is important to stopping trafficking before it happens.  These blankets will be a reminder to them that they are not alone.  It’s meant to provide comfort right where they are, while reminding them they have a Comforter in Heaven who is right by their side.

What size squares do I make?  Each granny square should be 6" with a total of 6 rounds.  

 What type of yarn do I use? 
We recommend using a acrylic/ acrylic blend medium weight yarn that is washable and dryable.

How many squares do I need to make?  To ensure we have enough to pair with other squares, we ask that you make (6) of the same squares.  They can be solid or multi-color.

Where do I send my squares?  Legacy Blanket squares can be mailed to:

Mandi’s Makings
Attn:  Amanda Massingill
4960 Highway 90 #234
Pace, FL 32571

If you have not already, we invite you to join our Facebook group.

We have ladies collaborating on blankets to make together and helping others who are just learning how to knit or crochet.

We can’t wait to see all the kid’s lives we will impact through these Legacy Blankets.  And, we would love to have you join us!​