Hey, friends! 

I am so excited you are interested in being a pattern tester for
Mandi's Makings.  This is an opportunity for you to view and
create our patterns before they make their debut out into the
​great big world.

Here are a few things to get out of the way before, we dive in:

  • I do not think copyright infringement, sharing patterns
    you've purchased, or manipulating my patterns to make
    them yours is cool.  If you agree, keep going! :)

  • When a pattern is posted for sale, I want to make sure it is free from errors.  That's where you come in.  You will be willing to comb through the pattern and share any changes that need to be made, grammatical errors, sizing issues, etc. so the pattern makes sense and it is easy to follow.

  • Please be honest with your level of expertise.  I will need ALL LEVELS, and want to make sure the pattern you are testing fits well with your level.
  • You are willing to create a swatch and make any adjustments needed to fit with the pattern.

  • I want your honest feedback and suggestions.  Even if your suggestion is not used on that specific pattern, it may help for future patterns.

  • Every pattern tested will have a due date for the completed project.  Your feedback and photos MUST be emailed to me on or before that date.  If you cannot adhere to the deadline you will be removed from all future pattern testing.

  • You must be willing to share AT LEAST 3 photos of your in-progress and completed project on all social media platforms and give Mandi's Makings permission to use them as well.  This will allow us to connect more creators with patterns that fit well with their level of expertise. 

  • You must be able to take quality photos of your completed work and give Mandi's Makings full permission to share as we see fit.  This includes social media, website, blog, and any other advertising avenues.

  • Mandi's Makings will not supply the materials you need to complete the project.  Only the pattern.

    By completing the form below, you are agreeing to all that is outlined above.


**Please note, once you fill out the application you do not have to do so again for future patterns.  Once we have your information in the system, if a new pattern fits your skill level and interest, we will contact you.


**To determine your level of expertise for crochet, click here:  https://www.craftsy.com/crocheting/article/crochet-skill-levels/